Jenny Stedman

UQ Architecture Graduate

First Year - 2012

Second Year - 2013

Third Year - 2014

Amplify Shelter Project 1 explores the issues and design processes of architecture, and is located on the scout site, 35 Woodstock Ave, Taringa. The design includes a small shelter and bathhouse for one individual at the Taringa Scouts site: ie. a permanent ‘camping’ environment. The shelter is a building that 'amplifies’ important site qualities— sloping topography, lush vegetation and tranquility. Gelato Bar
The aim of this project was to create an interesting and inviting shop tenancy and public area (with added use as a performance space) within the Saint John's Cathedral Precinct. This project includes the sequence of design processes I underwent before arriving at a cathedral inspired spire shape, which would give life to the currently unused the Charlotte St frontage.
Student Accommodation Inspiration for this project came from a combined abstract collage and optimal GFA exercises. The biggest challenge for this design project was to balance the required number of rooms (client profitability) with the ability to create small yet enjoyable studio apartments (student well-being).
Rockhampton House
Using existing projects as inspiration and research of our own, the project aim was to find the best solution for a three-bedroom climate-responsive and sustainable house in Rockhampton. As this was a group project, team members were designated design elements (water, waste, etc) in which to do research, and would use the information gained to contribute ideas towards the final design. The final solution incorporated elements of passive design, thermal mass, insulation and natural materials. To support our argument, we also included an appendix with climate analysis of the location, and predicted analysis of the design (using Ecotect Analysis).
Florist and Potters
The project brief was to transform an existing structure into a florist and potter’s shop. My
idea was to enhance the shop’s interaction with bold signage to the street, elevational
details on the façade, and level changes to both ground and ceiling within each shop.
The connection between the two shops furthers the idea of interaction and creates circulation between the two studios.
Shop House
Situated in the residential suburb of Red Hill, this project focuses on creating a community orientated lifestyle with convenience shopping, and multi-purpose community courtyard; which can be used for live performance and weekend markets.
Each shop tenancy can expand into the garage space (ie opened up into the courtyard for weekend markets) and has an adjoining upstairs residence.
Queen St facade
The Queen Street Mall project focuses particularly on facade, ensuring that it creates a comfortable inside living environment with adequate privacy and shading. The patterning is a tessellation of shapes derived from the Heliconia flower and is a continuation of Brisbane's subtropical palette.
Gateway My most recent design project brief was a general purpose university building at UQ St Lucia. I wanted to incorporate the iconic sandstone texture of the university as a tribute to the university’s history and create a more lively student-teacher friendly atmosphere. So the two main drivers of this project was to connect the building aesthetically to the original sandstone
Forgan Smith building, while ensuring that the interior design had lines of sight between room and corridor. Other design inclusions were a 850 seat lecture theater and various passive environmental strategies.
Construction Documentation
Drawings done as part of a group project for technology. The assignment task was to research, draft, document (in Revit) and annotate a full set of working drawings based on another student’s design project.