Jenny Stedman

About me: Australian-Thai, Architecture Student and Globetrotter

I was born in rural Australia. I worked in my parent's Thai restaurant and went to high school in Gympie. However, when I wasn't at home, my parents and I were off exploring the world together to exotic places like Morocco, Israel, Europe and south-east Asia. Exposed to so many different cultures, ideas and architecture, you could say I'm well traveled.


As an architecture student, I have a particular interest in studying how different cultures create their built environment. Particularly how people respond to their local conditions (whether climatic, economical, etc) as well as the transformation of these vernacular architectures over history. I believe that building techniques around the world can help teach and inspire us with innovative and sustainable ways to create architecture which respond to our often harsh Australian environment.


This website, is a product of one of my hobbies, website design. In primary school I learned to make websites with Microsoft Frontpage.

I enjoyed Graphics in high school, and I was fascinated with Japanese Anime, so I taught myself how to draw.


Now I'm a UQ Graduate with a Bachelor of Architectural Design. I've come a long way, and this website includes a little bit of all things.


Many thanks for visiting my site.


Selfie outside Thai Buddhist temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand