Throughout primary and secondary school I excelled in my studies. My teachers often commended my strong work ethic, punctuality and reliability.

I graduated from high school in 2011 from Saint Patrick’s College Gympie, where I received distinctions in my various fields of study, including Graphics (focuses primarily on developing skills in Computer Aided Drafting) and Mathematics B & C (highest level of math). I was a gold award academic recipient for each of the five years of high school. In statewide tests, I received credits and distinctions in Maths, English, Science and Chemistry.

Of my studies, Graphics became my passion. I was the top student of my year. My achievement in Graphics encouraged me towards seeking a career in Architecture and Architectural Design. 

Significant Awards and Certificates:

  • Queensland High School Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • GHD Design Award - 2011
  • Long Tan Leadership Award - 2011
  • Pride of Workmanship Award – awarded by Rotary 2011


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